It’s so interesting to see my work in a new format, it’s given it a fresh lease of life, which is lovely….I think it looks really great. Thank you so much!
Mark Mason – Mark Mason Animation

We have worked with Mark Mason Animation for over 12 years, designing each generation of their web site. Our brief for this web design was to show clearly the work in two distinct categories – Animation and Motion design / Illustration. Our design approach was to create a clean white ‘gallery’ to allow the beauty of the client’s work to shine through, and a site architecture that allows prospective customers to find their area of interest quickly and easily

This project also uses some of our bespoke plugins – producing easy to manage gallery showcases, with linked case studies and, if required, multiple galleries within each section of the web site.

We are also building an archive system for the client to enable them to keep an online repository of work going back many years, this will build over time and is a labour of love!

Mark mason Animation website design
Mark mason Animation website design