App development

App development

Our team are dedicated to creating perfect mobile apps and web apps for business. Working closely with our clients we aim to create unique and memorable experiences for users via our apps. To date we have created a number of  events and training apps for our corporate customers, including Hyundai, VW, Vauxhall, Toyota and Audi.

All our apps are designed to deliver maximum ROI for our clients. For training and events, we can replace costly and difficult to manage printed material with an app that can be updated live.

Our specialised ‘own brand’ apps include iLearn, iTour and Tablefinder.

We also create bespoke business apps. We can take  quite ‘raw’ material and turn it into an exciting, easy to navigate and user-friendly application. Most apps can be built on our existing framework making them very cost effective.

We can guide you on app creation, user experience, content creation, design, graphics, and usability testing.