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iLearn app for business events and training

iLearn Training App

Interactive in-store web app for Motorola

Interactive Point-of-Sale

Corporate iPad app development

Mobile Apps for Business


BdiWorks are a professional and experienced team of designers and programmers who create apps and websites for conferences, business events, installations and exhibitions. Whatever you want from your mobile or web app - we will help to turn your dreams into reality.



iLearn app for business training

ilearn training and events app - interactive app development by BdiWorks

iLearn is a flexible and adaptable app designed by BdiWorks for business training. Driven by the interactive and content delivery power of mobile, iLearn includes a range of modular components which can be combined, customised and branded in a totally unique way for any type of business training.

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In-store promotion for Motorola worldwide

Bdi in-store web app design in Shanghai store

Bdi developed an interactive in-store web app for world-wide promotion in Motorola stores. We designed the graphics for the promotion, created flash video and interactive content in several languages.


iPad app development

Bdi iPad app development

Bdi specialises in apps and web apps for mobile. Bespoke apps for businesses with the focus on user engagement and ROI.